Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why it makes sense for your business to get leads from e-commerce

As everybody is aware of the fact that if we go for the traditional way of marketing it costs a bomb and we do not really know what we are getting in return of it and that is one of the major reasons that a huge chunk of the market does not every resort to print or television media or maybe the bill boards so what do we do to promote our small business that is a question that we need to ask to our own self to understand where this is taking us now to get the facts a small business has to do something that is accurate and does not have a huge gestation period plus is not to time consuming in terms of implementation as well so the best way is resort to tele surveys , maybe voice broad casting , email blasting blogs however how many of us are resorting to such accurate modes as here the people who we acquire or that market share that we get access too is any ways intrested in the product and is keen on knowing more of it as well as have the right kind of circumstances to acquire the same as well so lets keep adding on to it as this is the best way that we can evolve and get to the crux of a methadology to generate the right leads and act upon them in turn generating more revenue

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  1. We are a marketing and promotions company and generating claim leads .i.e. –

    Un enforceable credit card claims

    Un enforceable loan claims

    Personal Injury Claims

    Debt management leads etc…

    Now the way we generate these leads is via – Voice Broad casting / Email Marketing / Tele – surveys – Search engine optimization…

    These leads are going to be very economically priced at about 22 GBP per lead for hot keys , so every customer who would be interested would be made to speak with your team on a conference and you do not have to spend any money on marketing solutions where customer response is not guaranteed.

    I would look forward to speak with you –

    Many thanks,

    Yuwan Bakhshi

    Chief strategy officer.





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